Is It Possible to lose Weight at Gym

1 Hafte mai 10 KG loose !Is a sentence every person must have heard So Is it Possible to lose Weight at Gym. It’s not very easy for everyone to loose 10 kg but you have to strict to your diet.

lose Weight at Gym

The diet is very simple and easily available. It’s a pure vegetarian diet.

So let’s start :1 Hafte Mai 10 KG loose!

Morning :lose Weight at Gym

First u have to take a hot glass of water in which u have to add 1 tsp of honey and lemon juice. After that in breakfast u have to take oats whether masala or milk both are ok.

After breakfast and before lunch u have to drink 1 ltr water. Or you can eat any fruit

Afternoon :

You can eat 2 chapati with any subzi or dal made at your home.

Then after 1 hr of lunch u have to take 1 ltr water again.

Then in evening you can take green tea with biscuit.

Night :

At night you can eat 1 bowl of dal without chapati or you can eat any paneer related dish that also without chapati.

So this is the full diet which you can follow . And I am sure if u strict to this diet u will easily loose weight.

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