Kamini Roy Honoured on Google Doodle-Bengali Poet

Kamini roy was honoured on her 155th birth anniversary today at Google Doodle. she was born in 1864 and was a social worker and a staunch feminist.

kamini roy
google doodle kamini roy

NEW DELHI: Kamini Roy was honoured by Google on 12 oct and her birth anniversary,she was a social worker,this doodle was created by helena leroux who is an artist by profession.

this doodle or picture depicts her poems titles,koto valobashi,many womens of that time stand with her.Leroux had also created several doodle earlier also & it was also shared by the largest search engine.

She was born in a small village of basanda in bakerganj district at the time of british rule in india,which is now in bangladesh. she had two siblings,a sister who was a physican & a brother who was elected as mayor of calcutta.

kamini roy was a bengali poetess,activist and educationalist and google has dedicated today’s doodle to her on her birth anniversary.

  • kamini roy met another students,abla bose in her college time.impressed by her,kamini roy decides to educate womens & devote her life to womens rights.
  • she supported ilbert bill during 1883 at the tenure of viceroy lord ripon.
  • european people were protesting against this bill but indian social workers were supporting it.
  • she created awareness through her various poems & aware about women’s right by running campaigns.
  • At last, womens were given the right to vote in 1926 general election.
  • she died in 1933
  • On 12 October 2019, GOOGLE commemorated Kamini Roy with a google Doodle on her 155th birth anniversary. The accompanying write up started with her quote, “Why should a woman be confined to home and denied her rightful place in society?

Hindi Version:

  • रॉय अन्य लेखकों और कवियों को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए अपने रास्ते से चले गए। 1923 में, उन्होंने बरिसल का दौरा किया और सूफिया कमाल को प्रोत्साहित किया, फिर एक युवा लड़की, लेखन जारी रखने के लिए। वह 1930 में बंगाली साहित्य सम्मेलन के अध्यक्ष और 1932-33 में बंगीय साहित्य परिषद के उपाध्यक्ष थे।
  • वह कवि रवींद्रनाथ टैगोर और संस्कृत साहित्य से प्रभावित थीं। कलकत्ता विश्वविद्यालय ने उन्हें जगतारिणी स्वर्ण पदक से सम्मानित किया।
  • 12 अक्टूबर 2019 को, Google ने कामिनी रॉय को उनकी 155 वीं जयंती पर डूडल के साथ याद किया। साथ-साथ लिखने की शुरुआत उनके उद्धरण के साथ हुई, “क्यों एक महिला को घर तक ही सीमित रखना चाहिए और समाज में उसके सही स्थान से वंचित करना चाहिए?

Chandrayaan 2 – A success for India

Chandrayaan 2 is india’s maidan attempt to become the first nation to soft land on the south pole of moon was not up to the mark…

Chanrayaan 2
chandraayan 2 last footage

Chandrayaan 2, bharat ka ek prayas tha jissey ki vaha apna naam first time record kar pate ki kaise bharat ne sirf ek prayas me hi south pole of moon pe land karaya aur apna(ISRO) aur bharat ka naam roshan kara.

but issey bharat ke scientist nirash nahi huya kyoki aab vo jante hai ki unhe kya galtiya sudharni hai apni jo ki unse iss baar reh gayi thi

The space agency lost contact with the chandrayan 2 lander vikram just moments before it was to land on near the south pole of moon.

Chandrayaan 2 mission,however, is far from being a failure,it was launched on 22nd july,attempted a touchdown near the moon’s south pole at 1:43 AM on saturday.

While not technically at the lunar south pole, Chandrayaan2’s target site was by far the southernmost ever selected for a soft lunar landing.

Chandrayan2 LIVE News: Nation will achieve its goal of reaching the moon, says PM Modi. PM Modi said the Isro scientists will be undeterred by the setback on the Chandrayan2 mission.

This mission was a highly complex mission, which represented a significant technological leap compared to the previous missions of #ISRO to explore the unexplored south pole of the Mo

England vs new zealand scorecard:T.v. cricket fans are in dilemma

New Zealand’s untimely success in the World Cup has become a dilemma in front of its fans as England vs new zealand scorecard because ‘Sports Bar‘ across the country did not realize that their team would be in the final.

England vs new zealand scorecard

A Wellington City Council spokesman said, “The license to serve alcohol by late night gets in 20 days. No one would have thought that if we play the final, no one will ask for it. The match will begin on Sunday at 9.30 and run till 5.30 in the morning.

स्पोटर्स बार को सुबह चार बजे तक का ही लाइसेंस मिला है लिहाजा प्रशंसक या तो घर पर मैच देखेंगे या चार बजे के बाद बिना शराब के बार में इसका मजा लेंगे। शहर में कोई फैन जोन भी नहीं बनाया गया है।

The untimely success of New Zealand in the Wellington World Cup has become a dilemma in front of her fans because the sports bar around the country did not realize that her team would be in the final. New Zealand, which takes place in England, takes place until midnight. Many believed that their team would be defeated by India in the semi-finals.England vs new zealand scorecard

उल्लेखनीय है कि कीवी टीम ने क्रिकेट वर्ल्ड को हैरान करते हुए टीम इंडिया को सेमीफाइनल में 18 रनों से मात दी थी। सेमीफाइनल में पहले दिन बारिश थी, जिसके बाद मैच रिजर्व डे में पूरा हुआ था। भारतीय टीम का बैटिंग लाइनअप देखकर लग रहा था कि 240 रनों का लक्ष्य वह आराम से पा लेगी, लेकिन ऐसा हुआ नहीं। टीम इंडिया 221 रनों पर ही ऑलआउट हो गई।

full article is here