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Share Market में पैसा कमाना है,but nahi jante kaise aur loss se bhi bachna chahte hai than ये 5 MISTAKES कभी मत करना…

Share Market Mistakes
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Hello Dosto,

I think so that you all are fine so aaj hum baat karenge ki aise Top 5 mistakes jo ek trader karta hai apne trading experience me

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Top 5 Mistake Every Trader Makes In His Trading Experience:- Share Market Mistakes

  1. Get Rich Quick-

->One of the biggest Mistake every beginner trader think or makes is to get rich quick scheme which make him blow up his account.

->this market always rewards the patience person than the impatient.

-> जब भी कोई शेयर व्यापारी शेयर बाजार में आता है तो वह आमतौर पर अपनी पूंजी को मिटा देता है jisske karn humare desh me hi 98% trader fail ho jate hai.

->यह बाजार हमेशा अधीर व्यक्ति की तुलना में धैर्यवान व्यक्ति को पुरस्कृत करता है|

2. Risk Management

->2nd Top most reason for failure in trading is not putting Stoploss or not deciding how much loss to bear whenever taking a trade.

->ट्रेड करते समय लोग स्टॉपलॉस का उपयोग नहीं करते हैं|जब भी आप शेयर व्यापार लेते हैं तो आपको प्रवेश मूल्य, स्टॉपलॉस और लक्ष्य जानना चाहिए|

->Agar aap apna capital save karna chahte hai than aapko risk management ko follow karna padhega and apply karna hoga

->Every big trader has risk management startegy in his mind while entering a trade.

3. Never Take huge Lot Size while Trading-

->3rd Biggest reason is taking huge Quantity While trading leads To Capital Reduction and bigger Losses

->शेयर ट्रेडिंग करते समय बहुत बड़ा आकार लेने से नुकसान बढ़ता है और पूंजी में कमी आती है|

->Only take huge quantity whenever you are confident or can bear losses.

->Bigger quantity can make bigger losses and reduce capital very fast.

4. If Getting Losses Regulary Than take a Break from Trading

->If you are facing losses regularly than take a break from trading and analyse your mistakes.

->अगर व्यापार से नुकसान का सामना करना पड़ रहा है, तो इससे ब्रेक लें,और अपनी गलतियों का विश्लेषण करें|

->Take losses As Expenses of your Bussiness

5. Never Go Against The Market-

->if you incur loss than do not overtrade to reduce it else the amount will definately increase.

->Never Do Overtrading in same script as it can change your profit into losses.

->Never Trade Against the Trend if not Confident while taking a Trade.

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